About Us

The Rhode Island Conference, United Church of Christ, is the central body through which the 31 churches of our conference work together to bring Christ’s message of hope, peace and justice to our communities.

The Conference helps to coordinate the work of the various missions and ministries so that by the Power of the Holy Spirit we can do together what we cannot do alone.

We are an open and affirming group that is made up of people from all walks of life-diverse social, cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds and orientations. You will discover an amazing array of faith and journeys and perspectives, and uncover your own relationship with God.

Our Vision

We are currently engaged in a Season of Discernment to consider greater collaboration, and possibly merger, with the Connecticut and Massachusetts conferences of the UCC.  Find out more here. 

In 2013, we went through a Listening Processing. Find the results here:

The UCC Rhode Island Ministers' Association

This is a gathered group of UCC Ministers who hold standing in the Rhode Island Conference.  This group (open to ordained, licensed, or commissioned ministers) meets once every month (September through June or July) and have an annual fall retreat.

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