Children and Youth

Kristin PutneyKristin Putney
RI Conference UCC
Christian Education & Youth Ministry Resource Consultant

“It takes a village to raise a child”
This quote has been uttered so many times through the years within the walls of church schools, at youth events and within communities. It is so difficult and challenging to raise children and parents simply can’t do it alone. Many parents recognize this and arrive at our churches knowing “they need us” and truthfully…”we need them”. We are so ever thankful for all those who help nurture in faith these families and the “children of the future”.

When a child is baptized, their faith journey begins and parents and child are welcomed into the nursery. Then the work of the “Children's Teaching Ministry” begins. They will continue to connect and engage this new family and represent the warmth of God's Love. Some families begin this journey years after the birth of their children but the message they receive is still the same: Church School welcomes all types of families and looks forward to seeing each child grow spiritually and be in community with others throughout the years. As the RI Conference UCC Resource Consultant for Christian Education and Youth Ministry, I am excited to work with our local churches and meet their Christian Education folk who have such an important role of nurturing our children and families in faith. At our quarterly Sharing Meetings, Christian Educators and Pastors come together and share great resources and ideas to nurture children and families throughout the seasons of the church. We are planning many exciting Conference Events scheduled throughout the year for children, youth and families and at a variety of venues including Camp Irons Homestead (see links at right). 


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