Church School Teaching

posters After a child is baptized or a new family arrives in church school, their faith journey begins. The work of the “Children's Teaching Ministry” also begins. A team of caring, loving and committed teachers and leaders will connect and engage this new family and represent the warmth of God's Love and the Teachings of Jesus Christ.

Engaging children and families into church school and worship is a continual task for Christian Educators. Our RI Churches are doing amazing and creative teaching to inspire a deeper faith that involves the entire family from birth to adolescence to adulthood.

Church School in our RI Churches ranges from a one room church school setting to multi-aged classroom settings... to a full spectrum of grades from Nursery up to Senior High School. Many churches offer con?rmation programs and communion classes.

There are traditional styles of teaching and other programs that involve exciting learning techniques with “hands on” creative styles from week to week. Besides gathering together for church school on Sunday morning, many churches offer youth groups for middle schoolers and high schoolers that meet outside of church school time. And throughout the year, the Conference plans programs that bring all the youth together for a variety of themed events. (See Conference Events Calendar)  

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The Children's Teaching Ministry strives to teach the many amazing stories of the Bible and so much more... teaching tolerance, teaching to love diversity, teaching to love one another, and teaching that all things are possible with God!