Teacher Guidelines & Suggestions

(gathered from Conference CE Sharing Meetings)

TEACHER MEETING IN FALL: Gather teachers, helpers, coordinators and caregivers together just prior to fall church school program to give overview of curriculum being used, special events/holiday programs, children's choir, chapel time, times in worship, Sundays receiving communion, safe space procedures and other important info. Hand out listing of teacher info and calendar events.

Have teachers read and sign Safe Space Procedures - keep on ?le.  

REVIEW SAFE SPACE procedures to all teaching staff and youth leadership, yearly! Safe Space DVD from RI Conference available to show teaching staff or plan to have all attend Safe Space Discussion workshop provided by the RI Conference. It is suggested that teaching staff attend every 3 years. (Conference Safe Space Discussion workshop scheduled ?rst Saturday of September)

Safe Space Overview:

  • Two Leaders in a classroom rule
  • Never be alone with a child
  • Doors remain open unless with windows
  • No diaper changing by caregivers except designated staff (paid?) Toddler bathroom: 2nd individual must be present when wiping
  • Leave door open when assisting, Do not be alone with a child. Teaching staff and youth leaders sign contract of above rules.

PROVIDE A CHURCH SCHOOL CALENDAR from Sept to June (for teachers & parents) that outlines events and programs, children's choirs and rehearsals, communion days and involvement of children in worship. (Welcome Back, World Wide Communion, Thanksgiving Sunday, Christmas Pageant, Epiphany, Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost, 2nd grade Communion Ceremony, End of the year-Children’s Sunday)  

PROVIDE A TEACHER'S COVENANT to be read and signed that ?ts your church policies and mission statement. Example of policies: Teachers will use inclusive language, adhere to peanut free zones, no red dye foods, anti-styrofoam use, use of recycle bins, honor “going green” mode, no use of drugs, tobacco & alcohol during any church school event / program.

PROVIDE TEACHERS WITH DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES: Discuss with teachers at meeting or other time, strategies to not allow discipline issues to arise...provide backstories on children that might need a different approach to being in a classroom setting: Go over options below. If issues continue, remove from class to sit with coordinator for quiet time and re?ection...refocussing with book or other item.

  • some children need a “one on one” extra helper in room,
  • some children need a toy/object in hand to focus (explain to class child’s need)
  • some children need to be given tasks to occupy their energy & attention,
  • some children need to be partnered with classmate to get them engaged,
  • some children need incentives in order to complete tasks

Cover Basic Rules regarding responses to discipline issues: No hitting, No yelling, No abusive language, No inappropriate language/ behavior.

TEACHER/YOUTH LEADER MAKE A “RULES OF CLASSROOM” POSTER discussed and written with the class or group.

PROVIDE OFFERING ENVELOPES for teachers and students (an example of tithing and good stewardship) and designate special time for offering basket ceremony (during children’s chapel, during opening prayer time or have basket on classroom altar table).

PROVIDE A SUBSTITUTE LIST FOR TEACHERS and ask teachers to give notice if unable to teach their Sunday. ALSO STRESS EARLY ARRIVAL prior to class start time to set up and be ready for early arrival children (have coloring theme sheets and puzzles available) If a teacher is late often...ask another parent to arrive early and oversee class with worksheets/puzzles until teacher arrives.

REVIEW FIRE & SAFETY RULES: emergency alarms, exits, extinguishers, ?rst aid kits. Encourage attending any CPR class (not required) or attend CPR class provided by the RI Conference.