Thoughts on Stewardship: Excel in Giving

Susan Rotblat-Walker


Since you excel in so many ways - you have so much faith, such enthusiasm, and such love for us – now I want you to excel also in the gracious ministry of giving.  (2 Corinthians 8:7 NLT) In this passage from Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, he compliments their devotion to Christ yet reminds them they are also expected to excel in giving!  As the Rev. Gwendolyn Kirkland has observed, “We can become scared and operate from a mentality of scarcity instead of seeing the true abundance around ...

An Anchor in Life's Storms

William Sterrett


With great regularity I hear people complain about what an albatross their church building is. Always in need of repair; spending money on bricks and mortar, while the needs of the hungry and homeless go unmet. I have also heard a clamor for moving church out of the building and bringing it to where the people are. Some are even saying, “Jettison the building and move your ministry to the streets. That is where Jesus did his ministry.” These are compelling arguments for trying to do “church” ...

Church Growth

William Sterrett


My church, Amicable Church, is filled with a wonderful group of people; people who are committed to serving God, their neighbor, and the world. It is a welcoming and loving community. What I have just described fits pretty much all the churches of our beloved Rhode Island Conference, because our churches are home to such welcoming, loving faith communities. Thus, it is a surprise to me that so many of our churches, mine included, share something else in common: great struggles to maintain ...

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