Building Lives in the Knowledge of Christ


“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom belongs to such as these.”Matt 19:14   Slatersville Congregational Church, UCC has a long history of Christian education. Our Sunday school is one of the earliest and continuously active Sunday schools in the nation. We owe this legacy to the Slaters, brothers Samuel and John who brought the Robert Raikes Sunday school system from England to America. In 1780 Raikes saw the near slavery life the young mill workers had, ...

Barbara's Blurb for Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Barbara Libby


I enjoyed seeing so many of you at last Saturday's Rhode Island Conference annual spring meeting at Riverside Congregational Church! The meeting came together because so many people made contributions of their time and talents. I hesitate to try to name so many who helped out because it's certain I could not name everyone and thereby would leave someone out.  Suffice it to say that Saturday's meeting was a wondrous display of cooperative effort and interdependence at its best.  A HUGE thank you...

Barbara’s Blurb for Wednesday, April 29

Barbara Libby


Hoping to see you all at Annual Spring Meeting of the Rhode Island Conference of the United Church of Christ this Saturday, May 2nd at Riverside Congregational Church.  Everyone is welcome! There will be opportunities for conversation and collaboration with folks from across our Conference as well as an abundance of resource displays that might benefit your church. As explained above please register online and let us know you are coming. Meanwhile, we trust that you are enjoying Springtime as...

Barbara's Blurb for April 8, 2015

Barbara Libby


I’m hoping that your Holy Week and Easter celebrations were filled with the power of faith and that you arrived at Easter dawn with a sense of wonder and awe at the amazing power of God to do even the most incredible things.   A clergy friend of mine, Rev. Patricia Felletter wrote this poem on the first date of Easter-tide, with only 49 days left before Pentecost Sunday. The poem is shared here with her permission: Forty Nine Days of Easter Yesterday we remembered Jesus rose from the dead. It ...

Barbara's Blurb for Holy Week 2015

Barbara Libby


I confess that this year I feel as if I have been plodding through Lent...  I could blame it on my impatience for Spring to get here and my frustration with the lingering piles of dirty snow that still cling to the shady sides of buildings and parking lots. To be honest though, I confess that Lent has never been an easy church season for me.  Each Ash Wednesday I commit to making the six weeks of Lent a time for the renewal of my faith.  I hope for Lent as a time to Spring clean my faith, so ...

Barbara’s Blurb for Week of March 25, 2015

Barbara Libby


“For New England Lay and Clergy Worship Leaders” (Matthew 6:25). Here’s a wonderful poem written by a UCC poet and pastor – Rev. Maren Tirabassi. Rev. Maren posted this on Facebook and gave me permission to share. For New England Lay and Clergy Worship Leaders (Matthew 6:25) Therefore I tell you, do not worry about the weather whether it will snow one more time or the sun will reach fingers of light and heat for bulbs planted deep, Or about your Easter whether knee-deep mud will swallow the ...

"Let Us Break Bread Together"


“As often as you eat together remember me.” What did these words mean to the early Christian church? During its earliest centuries, the typical church worship involved meeting in homes and sharing a meal, which was part of the actual liturgy. Known as “Agape Meal” or the “Love Feast,” the “banquet eating table” is a recurring metaphor for the Kingdom of Heaven. However, disputes about who was an appropriate banquet guest were a recurring theme in the New Testament. For instance, were the tax ...

Barbara's Blurb for March 4, 2015

Barbara Libby


Literacy is a social justice issue. You may already know that the United Church of Christ has had a focus on literacy for the past year – a focus called Reading Changes Lives, where churches were encouraged to read books together. On the website by that same name you will find additional lists of things that your church can do and ways your church can make a difference around literacy. This literacy initiative continues this spring with March Forth for Literacy, promoting denomination-wide ...

A Slave, Midwife and Legacy: Dr. Judy Simmons


Who are your ancestors? Have you thought about your connection to them lately? Is slavery and freedom a part of your family’s legacy? If so, what impact did it have on your family’s life? My family history originates from the slave experience and piecing together that history has involved gathering remnants of information scattered on note pads collected over the years, just waiting to be deciphered by my husband Melvin, an African American genealogist, and me. Once we began to unravel the ...

Barbara's Blurb for February 25th

Barbara Libby


I spent some time walking around the annual flower show in Hartford at the end of last week - a welcome reprieve from this winter's excess of snow and ice. I stood long in front of exquisitely perfect gardens breathing in the scent of daffodils, tulips, azaleas, and lush grass turf. I  listened as waterfalls bubbled over rocks into quiet pools where orange koi fish swam slowly. A live butterfly display with warming lamps encouraged so many varied colors, sizes, and shapes to flutter and fan ...

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