Barbara’s Blurb for February 18th

Barbara Libby


Do you have a plan for your Lenten season this year? I have found that it has been pretty distracting so far this February- Snow... More snow... Wicked winds... Bitter temperatures... More snow...  It feels like we might never get to spring no matter what the calendar tells us... Well this Wednesday does indeed begin the 40 days of Lent (excluding Sundays).   Take a moment sometime this Wednesday to ask yourself what kind of Lent you want to have this year.  We have an opportunity to choose ...

Barbara's Blurb Feb 11, 2015

Barbara Libby


I guess this just about sums it up for this week… Only 30 days until spring as of Wednesday, Feb. 11th.     Keep the faith, everyone – we will get to March 20th!   "It sits in leaden piles... It sits in leaden piles It clogs up all the roads. It fills with ice and messy slush Our shovels with their loads. A grimace on my face! Another day of pain! A jagged mountain towers high And makes me wish for rain. It covered up the fence, The table and the chairs. There were so many fleeces I couldn't ...

Barbara's Blurb for week of Feb. 4, 2015

Barbara Libby


Well most of us didn’t need the groundhog to tell us on this Groundhog Day that there might be more winter ahead… I’m sitting here in my home office in New Haven watching freezing rain come down on top of lots of new snow while the flocks of birds frantically try to eat enough to keep themselves going in the dropping temperatures that confront us here in CT and RI this winter. After the lulling effect of a quiet and easy December and January it seems all the harder to reconcile ourselves to ...

"Goodness Leaves Us Gasping"


Since June, countries worldwide have held 70th anniversary commemorations for the concluding events of WWII. During the last week of January, the liberation of the death camp Auschwitz was remembered, with 300 of the few remaining survivors gathered at the camp's site in Poland from whence they emerged in 1945. Europe’s rich diversity, which is embodied in these survivors, was nearly snuffed out by a murderous regime, and in the ensuing seven decades their lives grew into two and three more ...

Barbara's Blurb for week of Jan. 28, 2015

Barbara Libby


Sitting here in the Conference Office this Monday morning as we await continuing updates on the incoming BLIZZARD … I confessed on my Facebook Status on Sunday afternoon, “Okay… So that snow I have been hoping for? It’s coming!! It did not have to come all at once though…” So first, I confess that I love snow… I know that is not true for all of us and I may take it back later in the week if this storm truly does make as big an impact as they seem to be suggesting. And here’s another ...

Barbara's Blurb

Barbara Libby


Over the course of the past week I have been impressed but not surprised by the amount of attention Martin Luther King’s birthday has received this year (officially celebrated this past Monday, January 19th). I’m not surprised by the attention of pastors and religious leaders, who generally speaking do a great job of raising our awareness each January in Sunday morning worship. I’m not even surprised by the amount of attention that has been given the movie SELMA, which is (I’m told) an artistic ...

Fighting Hunger in Haiti


What has 70 calories, almost every essential vitamin and mineral, many other beneficial food components and is best produced between 7 am and 11 am? Would you believe that it’s an egg? One large egg contains 6 grams of protein, varying amounts of vitamins A, B6, B12 C, D, calcium, riboflavin, thiamin, zinc, and choline, and antioxidants. Eggs have been shown to help build muscle strength, help brain function, improve eye health; and the choline in eggs promotes a healthy pregnancy. Egg protein ...

Barbara's Blurb for January 7, 2015

Barbara Libby


I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions – never have and probably never will.   But the turning of the clock into a New Year always offers us a doorway into a new beginning and an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been in the year past… In a recent Facebook post from On Being, one of their regular contributors, Parker Palmer offered these five questions to ponder for the New Year. These questions resonate with me and so I share them with all of you – post these questions by your computer,...

The Other Wise Man


The Other Wise Man During this week of Epiphany (Three Kings Day) perhaps you will also think of The Other Wise Man.  This story was written by Rev. Henry Van Dyke. Ordained in 1879 as a Presbyterian minister he spent his first four years in ministry as pastor at the United Congregational Church of Newport, RI. Van Dyke explains in the preface to his book that after experiencing a year that had been full of sickness and sorrow "It was a gift. It was sent to me; and it seemed as if I knew the ...

A woman, a man, a donkey and a baby


Uphill all the way, it's about 40 miles from Nazareth, by the Sea of Galilee to the little village of Bethlehem outside Jerusalem. The woman - eight uncomfortable months pregnant - doesn't complain as her husband plods along, mumbling to himself about the stupid government, the dumb donkey, lost work, and his confused mix of loyalty, loss, and worry for his wife and the child she bears. Today's reality is not the "sweet baby Jesus, asleep on the hay" of our Christmas pageants. Although, by the ...

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