Many Voices One Mission: Exciting Stewardship

Charles Kuchenbrod


"The stewardship committee often is placed in the church trustee/finance budget constellation of people. It belongs in the deacon/faith formation constellation of people." — Charlie Kuchenbrod

Many Voices One Mission: We Do Jesus Differently

Wendy Vander Hart


"As the United Church of Christ...we do Jesus differently." —Rev. Wendy Vander Hart

Many Voices One Mission: Irrelevant?

TJ Harper


"There seems to be, in many cases, a disconnect between what one’s perception of God is and how that perception aligns with the beliefs and actions of the Church." — TJ Harper

Our Faith is at Odds With Our Culture

Timoth Sylvia


In light of recent events in our nation and in response to a concern raised that the #MeToo movement is becoming a permission-giving movement where false accusations can be spread with intent to harm, I share this:   No movement, #MeToo or otherwise, dare I say no behavior, should EVER be lived with an intent to cause another person harm. And the #MeToo movement, in its creation, was not developed to give people permission to cause such harm. It is meant to bring people together with similar ...

Many Voices One Mission: Cultivating Collaboration

Deborah Kirk


"As we dedicate ourselves to building God’s kingdom, we must define what it looks like in the local community." —Debby Kirk

Many Voices One Mission: More Frequent, More Intense

Donald Remick


"And churches stay on the ground, involved in helping people find their way into a new normal, long after the news crews have moved on to the next disaster or lead story." —Rev. Don Remick

Many Voices One Mission: Called and Sent

Michael Ciba


"When the mission of the institution becomes sustaining the institution itself, the institution falls apart." —Rev. Michael Ciba

Farewell from Sandy Tremblay

Sandy Tremblay


So it's been a little over three weeks since my farewell gathering at The Rev. Kathy Henry's beautiful home and my exit from the Rhode Island Conference staff. I just wanted to say THANK YOU  for so many blessings. Thank you to all who came out for my Farewell Gathering. It was so wonderful to see everyone! It was a very impressive turnout for sure. Many of you spoke about our time together and every kind and loving word has been seared into my heart. Thank you for all the thoughtful gifts, for ...

Wrong Church!

Timoth Sylvia


Recently, we received ... a note of thanksgiving for our church’s openness in playing a role in the burial of the author’s brother. It was a genuinely heartfelt note… and it was sent to the wrong church.

Many Voices One Mission: The Sometimes Difficult, Always Important, Evolution of Language

Tiffany Vail


"Language – and the evolution of language – is a fascinating thing. It can also be a frustrating and difficult thing. Because change is never easy." —Tiffany Vail

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