Many Voices, One Mission: Uncomfortable Work

Michele Mudrick


"When have you been uncomfortable, but did/said/stood up for [your work] anyway?" —Michele Mudrick


Amy Lignitz Harken


In the crucible of a collective — be it a family, a village, or a denomination — we learn who we are. We learn what drives us bonkers and what makes us happy, how we are powerful and how we are vulnerable, how we are alike and how we are different. This is to say, in the company of others, we learn what it means to be human.

Many Voices, One Mission: Beyond The Vote

Ellie Richardson


"We can talk until the cows come home about structure, process and strategy and get stuck in the weeds missing the fundamental nature of what is truly important in supporting something new." —Rev. Ellie Richardson

I Believe and Trust That It Is Time to Come Together, As One

Barbara Libby


In March of 2017 I wrote a newsletter lead that revealed how strongly I felt about the possibility of the Rhode Island Conference UCC, the Massachusetts Conference UCC, and the Connecticut Conference UCC coming together into one new entity that we are calling Together, As One.  I write again this week, with the Tri-Conference Annual Meeting coming up in less than two weeks. On Friday and Saturday, June 15 and 16, 2018 we will gather once again for the second year in a row as three separate ...

“Melt Me, Mold Me, Fill Me, Use Me”

Kurt Walker


This is the third in a series of four blog posts looking at the Vision, Mission and Purpose statement drafted for a new, unified Conference.  Delegates from the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island conferences will vote on formally creating this new conference at the joint Annual Meeting June 15-16 in Springfield, MA. We UCCers love to listen to the still, small voice of God whispering to us through the chaos of this world; to determine what it is that God would have us do to bring about...

Many Voices, One Mission: Connected

Jennifer Kronholm Clark


"Our response to each new challenge has come from that core mission: intentional Christian community." —Jennifer Kronholm Clark

Time to Dig a New Foundation Together

Jack Davidson


"A Conference merger can be a bureaucratic quagmire, or it can be a ministry. We just need the right foundation." —Rev. Jack Davidson

Many Voices, One Mission: Born for Such a Time as This

James Antal


"Because we have been born in a time such as this, we have this opportunity to bear witness to the truth." —Rev. Jim Antal

Setting Aside Old Boundaries to Offer an Unconditional Welcome

Maxwell Grant


The word that gets me in the proposed vision statement for the new, unified Conference is “unconditionally.” — Max Grant

Many Voices, One Mission: Collaborating In Covenant

Deborah Kirk


"The blessing of a caring community will be realized in countless ways." — Debby Kirk

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