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Minister of Youth and Young Adult Engagement - National

published 1/9/2018
The Minister of Youth and Young Adult Engagement serves as a liaison for conference/local church staff who are engaged in youth and young adult ministry. To cultivate wider church opportunities for youth and young adult engagement incorporating the mission, vision, and purpose of The United Church of Christ for the purpose of theological and spiritual formation. The Minister will be based in the Cleveland office. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Curate an on-line forum of faith formation ...

Invitation to Sing Hayden's Creation in France

published 12/1/2017
An invitation to sing Hayden's Creation with the Choeur d’Oratorio de Limours, France in the spring of 2018. Early performance in Salisbury, CT, in April 2018.   An International Collaboration • Salisbury Congregational Church Choir • Norfolk UCC Church Choir • Salisbury Sinfonietta • Choeur d’Oratorio de Limours, France   SALISBURY, CT APRIL 2018 The Choeur d’Oratorio de Limours, France joins the Salisbury Congregational Church and the Norfolk UCC Church choirs on April 15, 2018 in Salisbury ...