Minister of Youth and Young Adult Engagement - National


The Minister of Youth and Young Adult Engagement serves as a liaison for conference/local church staff who are engaged in youth and young adult ministry. To cultivate wider church opportunities for youth and young adult engagement incorporating the mission, vision, and purpose of The United Church of Christ for the purpose of theological and spiritual formation.

The Minister will be based in the Cleveland office.


  • Curate an on-line forum of faith formation resources for local church youth and adult ministry including but not limited to books, curriculum, Confirmation resources, websites, blogs, conferences, organizations, webinars, on line learning, and videos.
  • Serve as national liaison for youth and young adult initiatives throughout the breadth of the denomination.
  • Develop leadership, education, and opportunities for youth and young adults in the wider church. Serve as a resource for the promotion and amplification of youth and young adult voices throughout the wider church and on public platforms.
  • Curate the stories of innovative youth and adult ministry practices through Inspiring Model of Ministry events and other means.
  • Work with the Faith Formation Team of the national setting of the United Church of Christ in all team projects and goals.
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Contact: Alisa Lewis

Address: 700 Prospect Ave E Cleveland OH 44115