Racial Justice Team Leader - Conference Position


This is a full-time position currently funded through December of 2020.
CONTEXT: The three southern New England conferences of the United Church of Christ are in the midst of a regional collaboration toward economic, environmental and racial justice. They have voted to form a new Conference provisionally known as the Together As One Conference. Racial Justice is one of the fundamental values central to the vision of this new Conference.

PURPOSE: The goal of the Racial Justice Ministry of the Together As One Conference of the United Church of Christ is to engage every setting of the Conference in the work of unmasking, dismantling and eradicating racism in its personal, inter-personal, institutional and cultural forms, to make God’s love and justice real. The purpose of this position is to implement this goal with regard to local congregations, Associations and their committees, ministry councils, task teams, and clergy and lay leaders and local communities.

TO APPLY:  To start the process you must show interest by May 31, 2019. To show interest, please send Patti Babcock an email at babcockp@macucc.org by May 31, 2019.

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