People of Faith Asked to Sign Letter Countering Threats Against Colombia Peacemakers


On Sat., July 14, JUSTAPAZ, an organization of the Mennonite Church of Colombia, was included in a list of social leaders, human rights defenders, organizations and journalists threatened with death by an illegal armed group.

JUSTAPAZ has more than 26 years’ experience accompanying Christian churches, community organizations and victims of the armed conflict, strengthening nonviolent community peacebuilding processes, on which human rights and peace with justice are built.

JUSTAPAZ and Global Ministries are encouraging churches, faith-based communities, human rights defenders and social organizations to consider signing on to a letter that will be used in advocacy efforts in Colombia to counter this intimidating action.

The Connecticut Conference has sent numerous delegations to Colombia to support the peace process and to call for the recognition of human rights for all Colombians. At the national setting, two General Synod resolutions regarding Colombia were passed, and Missionary Michael Joseph was placed in that country.

Read the full JUSTAPAZ statement on the recent death threats

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