Wish list

We appreciate your responses to the Irons Homestead wish list.  Please contact Kate Ostertag before purchasing and delivering any of the wish list items so we may receive the most appropriate item(s) based on our needs.


Zero turn radius mower – Thank you Champlin

Golf cart 100% electric

Cement mixer

Backhoe attachment for 3-point hitch –Thank you Champlin

Brush hog for 3-point hitch – Thank you Champlin

Air compressor

Quality Cordless drill  Thank you!

Saws-all – Thank you

Palm sander

Belt sander

Circular Saw (cordless) – Thank you

Mitre saw with stand

Table saw

Nail gun

Complete set of wrenches SAE

Complete set of wrenches metric

Complete socket set SAE

Complete socket set Metric

Assorted Hammers

Assorted screwdrivers


20-30 lbs splitting maul

6 Overnight Cabins ($6,000 each)

Dining Hall with Commercial Kitchen





Extension cords


White vinyl sidewalls for the pavilion

Craft cottage   Thank you Shillington

Secure underground water line   Thank you Champlin

10 dinner plates (That match the lodge’s pattern)

10 mugs (That match the lodge’s pattern)

10 dinner forks (That match the lodge’s pattern)

30 teaspoons  Thank you!

Bedroom clocks – 3

Can opener that punches a hole in the can.

Keyboard with stand

16 new lighting fixtures for Lodge

Native perennial flowers – Thank you Westerly, would love more!

Twin bed sheet sets

Waterfront pavilion  Thank you Camp Ruggles

Pickup truck with snow plow

Haying equipment

New wheel for tractor – Thank you

Baseball diamond

$’s toward capital repairs and purchases

Stove for Lodge kitchen